Simple Explanation Why You Have to Invest in CROWDESTOR Energy Holding

Published on: 2020-11-16
CROWDESTOR Energy Holding is a unique project and is one of its kind exclusive investment opportunities in a number of ways. Firstly, usually, investments in the energy sector are only available to large institutional, international energy companies or high net...

CROWDESTOR Introduces Voting- Power to Investors!

Published on: 2020-10-29
CROWDESTOR’s mission is to act in the best interests of our investors, and we have successfully accomplished that since the beginning of the operations. The current situation that is caused by the...

7 Questions About Credit Report

Published on: 2020-10-23
Last Wednesday CROWDESTOR Head of SME Artur Geisari have hosted a live event dedicated to the credit report. CROWDESTOR is proud to offer its investors transparency, where we not only show how we analyze the SME borrowers but also what...

CROWDESTOR Secondary Market: Rules of the Game

Published on: 2020-10-09
CROWDESTOR is thrilled to announce that on the 2nd of October we have launched a Secondary Market (SM). SM gives an option to sell your investment to another CROWDESTOR client before the maturity date of your holding. The existence of...

The New Dashboard, Welcome!

Published on: 2020-10-02
Investors who have logged in today to their account were pleasantly surprised by the completely New Dashboard, which clearly shows the investment statistics and updates on each project. If you haven’t seen the new CROWDESTOR dashboard yet, go...

Investing & Crisis. How to Act?

Published on: 2020-09-23
How to act during the Force Major situation: sell and go away, or stay, invest in distressed assets, and come out a winner when the economy bounces back? Read CROWDESTOR’s take on why “Crisis is an Opportunity...