CROWDESTOR price list

Effective from 01.08.2020

Investor costs

Account Sign up 0.00 EUR

Account management fee: 0.00 EUR

Making an investment: 0.00 EUR

Contract fee: 0.00 EUR

FLEX Withdrawal fee: 1.00 EUR

Bank Link transfers: According to service provider pricing.


Secondary market

The seller's commission: 2% (calculated and deducted from the loan deal price).

The buyer's commission depends on the discount - the outstanding principal's ratio to the loan deal's asking price.

  • If the discount is ≤10%, the fee does not apply.
  • If the discount is>10% (for example, X), the fee will be 10% of the difference between X and 10%, but not higher than 2%.

Borrower costs


Type of fee


Starting from 3%

Structuring fee

Fee for the project placement & funding collection. Paid by the borrower after the funds are collected from investors, but always before the disbursement of the loan. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the funds collected and disbursed to the borrower.


Management fee

The borrower pays the monthly fee for the administration of the loan. Calculated from the total loan principal left

500 EUR or 2%

Restructuring and prolongation fee

Restructuring fee paid by the borrower for making any changes in the agreement, be it prolongation or restructuring.


Additional costs:

Establishing and releasing the mortgage by Crowdestor Security Agent: 350 EUR + VAT

Releasing the mortgage for the second time by Crowdestor Security Agent: 100 EUR + VAT

Notary fees from establishing the mortgage: According to the notary services, pricelist