CROWDESTOR price list

Effective from 01.08.2020

Investor costs

Account Sign up 0.00 EUR

Account management fee: 0.00 EUR

Making an investment: 0.00 EUR

Contract fee: 0.00 EUR

FLEX Withdrawal fee: 1.00 EUR

Bank Link transfers: According to service provider pricing.


Secondary market

The seller's commission: 2% (calculated and deducted from the loan deal price).

The buyer's commission depends on the discount - the outstanding principal's ratio to the loan deal's asking price.

  • If the discount is ≤10%, the fee does not apply.
  • If the discount is>10% (for example, X), the fee will be 10% of the difference between X and 10%, but not higher than 2%.


Additional costs:

Establishing and releasing the mortgage by Crowdestor Security Agent: 350 EUR + VAT

Releasing the mortgage for the second time by Crowdestor Security Agent: 100 EUR + VAT

Notary fees from establishing the mortgage: According to the notary services, pricelist