About us

The philosophy of crowdfunding is based on the power of the crowd. The power that can raise and overthrow at the same time. Crowd and Investor together create – CROWDESTOR. 


CROWDESTOR is a marketplace that connects various business development project owners with multiple investors around the world and makes funding as well as investing processes quick and easy for small and medium businesses and investors alike. It is a one-stop platform that helps businesses to attract necessary funding, whilst providing the investors with exceptional investment opportunities with a high potential return and social involvement.

CROWDESTOR is a place where businesses get quick capital from the lender across the globe. A place where millions of people can fund businesses directly, bypassing banks, brokers, lenders and other intermediaries.

By borrowing directly from the investors they get access to cheaper and quicker capital, grow faster and produce better goods and services.


CROWDESTOR gives its clients the opportunity to get exposure to SME`s, real estate, entertainment and other business projects without middlemen, hidden conditions or costs. With CROWDESTOR you can start investing from 50 EUR and earn up to 28% p.a. or even higher.


Our vision is to create a global, sustainable and trustworthy crowdfunding industry as a leading business financing solution by accelerating the growth of any business owner. 


Our mission at CROWDESTOR is to empower businesses in their growth and to offer investors unique, meaningful and financially sound opportunities of future projects across various industries and geographical boundaries.   

At CROWDESTOR we have the highest regard for our investors and borrowers equally which is reflected in our values: 


Simplicityfor every transaction that is made through our platform, so it is easy and straightforward to use for our investors.   


Transparency for all our operations and expositive summaries of the borrower’s business cases with the respective financials.   


Professionalismby providing strong due diligence of every business case and by respondence to every investor.  




Different types of crowdfunding models we offer:


•          Business crowdfunding – way of raising capital for growing small to medium sized business from multiple investors. Both equity and debt funding campaigns are available to our clients.


•          Real estate crowdfunding – way of raising capital for real estate development projects from multiple investors. Usually collateral-backed. Debt funding campaign is available to our clients.


•          Specialized investments – way of raising capital for specialized or non-standard projects from multiple investors by giving guarantees, offering profit-sharing opportunities, or giving pledges on project’s Intellectual property and Copyrights. Both equity and debt funding campaigns are available to our clients.




SME projects offered on CROWDESTOR platform are usually short-term business loans to small and medium enterprises in the amounts not exceeding 200’000 EUR. We offer this product on CROWDESTOR platform to help the small and medium businesses to stay on top of the game when they need it the most. In our opinion, it is our social responsibility to help and support the backbone of EU economy – SMEs. In order to increase diversification opportunities for our investors, whilst increasing simplicity and speed of attracting funds for our borrowers, CROWDESTOR has developed an automated process of business loans’ evaluation. Borrowers can now get the credit decision within 1 working day, and investors have the standardized credit risk assessment of each and every project placed on the platform to have all information needed to make a weighted decision about the investment.



CROWDESTOR specialized projects 


CROWDESTOR specialized projects offer investors a broad variety of unique projects, such as movie and game development, restaurants, real estate development, forestry management, renewable energy and many more. These are large scale projects, often funded in multiple tranches, making it easier to see each stage of the project development.  



Founding story 


Janis has been a huge fan of the energy field since the first year of studies. In 2011 he joined BDO, which is the leading expert in legal and financial services working in over 162 countries with 80 000 experts worldwide. Janis became there as one of the leading experts regarding energy sector and spent there over 8 years. In 2013 Janis was involved in establishment of Latvian Cogeneration association and was elected as CEO. These were his first tangible steps into becoming an established businessman. In 2015 he started to develop a 15 MW biomass power plant which commissioned in 2018 and has been successfully running since then, which is one of seven thermal power production plants in Riga which produce and deliver heat to district heating operator of Riga city.  


At the same time, Gunars gained his business experience in various industries. Working in areas such as real estate, IT, tire recycling factories, rally crosses and many other sports events, taking projects from start to finalization, learning them inside out and proving to be a great manager. Gunars ended-up in the real estate business, due to the admiration of buildings and their heritage, which made him stay in the industry for over 10 years and to become a specialist of the industry.  


Around 2016 Janis started to follow crowdfunding industry, looking where to finance a potential deal – the acquisition of a competitor, another energy plant in Riga. He landed on a crowdfunding platform, and after six months of due diligence, successfully raised 1.5 million EUR in 26 hours, at that time one of the largest loans funded on the platform. This created even more interest and fascination about the industry, and so the research and involvement only started to grow.  


Janis and Gunars were in the same school together, so they know each other for over 20 years. After one 30 minute discussion about crowdfunding they both understood that they share an immense passion for it and both believed that here is finally a financing solution that fixes the mounting hole in the market. Janis saw himself using his experience as CEO by organizing the lending side and communication of CROWDESTOR and Gunars saw himself on the technical side, providing his managerial experience from various industries, including IT. That is how they decided to create CROWDESTOR together and officially established it on the 12.12.2017. CROWDESTOR has been successfully working since then and has forged friendship between Gunars and Janis