Our motto and drive are simplicity, transparency and safety.

The philosophy of crowdfunding is based on the power of the crowd. The power that can raise and overthrow at the same time. Crowd and Investor together create – CrowdEstor.

Crowdestor gives everyone the opportunity to invest directly in real estate and business projects without middlemen and hidden conditions or costs. With Crowdestor you can start investing from 50 euro with an annual interest rate from 9%.

There are two types of crowdfunding models Crowdestor offers:

  • In every project that we offer on the platform, we take part in it as co-financiers and/or co-developers. This ensures accountability from our development partners on behalf of our investors.
  • Crowdestor works under the jurisdiction of Estonian law. The central office and working team are based in the heart of the Baltic States – Riga, Latvia.

If someone is trying to stop Crowdestor operations, investors investments are safe since the loan security holder is CROWDESTOR SECURITY AGENT, which is a separate company.

Classic crowdfunding – way of raising capital for business from multiple investors by giving pledges or collaterals on it.

Equity crowdfunding – way of raising capital for business from multiple investors by selling parts of equity off.


Janis Timma

CEO & co-founder

Gunars Udris

COO & co-founder

Artur Geisari

Head of SME

Janis Gutmanis

Head of legal and debt collection

Madara Pukite

Chief marketing officer

Martins Grinfelds

Head of security and asset management department

Kitija Krasovska

Head of administration

Ruta Sardiko

General manager

Edvins Dainis

IT Product owner

Arturs Cernis

Financial Analyst

Janis Pocis

Lead Frontend developer

Andris Cubars

Lead Backend Developer

Arvis Zelcs

Investor Relations Specialist

Lasma Sestule

Investor Relations Specialist