Earn passive income while investing in sustainable and meaningful businesses

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Why Crowdestor?

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Funds raised: 47 980 310€
Investors: 18412
Average interest rate: 19.74%

Business Loans

Invest in sustainable and meaningful businesses. Which is the backbone of the EU economy, creates 85% of the jobs and gives benefit to the society.

Credit Report

Automatically generated borrower’s assessment credit report. Read 15-page document outlining key financial metrics. Make smart investment decisions.

Expert grade scoring

CROWDESTOR has integrations with over 500 databases to ensure that each SME is scored properly, to reduce investor risks to minimum.

Professional team

25 industry experts in business, lending, finances, legal, marketing, business intelligence, data science, and information technologies.

Top level system

Our system is made using top 2020 technology stack, running on AWS platform, made by industry professionals.

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