The philosophy of crowdfunding is based on the power of the crowd. The power that can raise and overthrow at the same time. Crowd and Investor together create – CROWDESTOR. 

We empower investors and businesses to earn more! CROWDESTOR is an online crowdfunding platform where businesses and investors meet. We accelerate the boost of investors’ financial well-being and help growth-focused businesses to develop and promote a breakthrough.


Quick and easy funding for companies. 

"Time is money," still holds true today. For Businesses, we give access to a quick and easy way to raise funding directly from investors, bypassing banks, brokers, lenders, and other intermediaries and fuel their business development, disrupt existing and acquire new markets. Additionally, a business project is promoted amongst potential customers or clients.


Diverse opportunities for investors.

Investing is not one size fits all. Different strategies work for different investors. Are you a risk-taker, or are you conservative? We ensure that no matter what investor type you are, you will find the projects that will grab your attention. With CROWDESTOR you can start investing from 50 EUR and earn up to 28% p.a. or even higher.



SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) projects

SMEs are engines of European economic growth and social development. SMEs account for 60% or more of GDP and are the one of major employment providers (70% employment worldwide). SMEs are usually short-term business loans to small and medium enterprises in the amounts not exceeding 200’000 EUR. Investing in SMEs projects is a sustainable investment, as investors earn on accelerating the growth of the whole economy. CROWDESTOR has developed an automated process of business loans’ evaluation. Investors have the standardized credit risk assessment of each and every project placed on the platform that provides all information needed to make a weighted decision about the investment.

Specialized projects

We ensure that CROWDESTOR investors have an opportunity to invest in the most unique projects like energy, forestry, show business, gaming, entertainment industry, etc. Higher interest rates, guarantees, additional success rates, convertible loans, profit-sharing opportunities, pledges on project’s intellectual property and copyrights. Both equity and debt funding campaigns are available. Interested? - You should try out!

Real-estate projects

We made investing in real estate less expensive and more accessible to the everyday investor. Investing in real estate development projects helps offset the volatility of other high-risk assets, thereby reducing the overall risk level of your portfolio, and providing you with steadier returns.


Our vision is to create a global, sustainable, and trustworthy crowdfunding industry as a leading business financing solution by accelerating the growth of any business owner. 

Our mission at CROWDESTOR is to empower businesses in their growth and to offer investors unique, meaningful, and financially sound opportunities for future projects across various industries and geographical boundaries.   

At CROWDESTOR we have the highest regard for our investors and borrowers equally which is reflected in our values: 

Simplicityfor every transaction that is made through our platform, so it is easy and straightforward to use for our investors.   

Transparency for all our operations and expositive summaries of the borrower’s business cases with the respective financials.   

Professionalismby providing strong due diligence of every business case and by respondence to every investor.