CROWDESTOR REAL ESTATE HOLDING | Interest is paid monthly | Round 5
100% Funded

Interest rate:20.4%
Period:18 months
Target: 67 948€
Opens: 2021/10/18
Expires: 2021/11/18
Type: Specialized
Location: Latvia
Investments: 274


CROWDESTOR Community is offered to invest in the CROWDESTOR Real Estate Holding working capital increase. The interest rate is 20,4% p.a. for investments below 10 000 EUR and 28,8% p.a. for investments over 10 000 EUR. The interest is paid monthly and the principal is repaid at the end of the 18-month loan term.

CROWDESTOR is a business crowdfunding platform that enables investors to invest in business projects in various industries starting from 50 EUR and earn on average 15-20% per annum, while the business gets access to growth funding. More than 23 000 investors have provided funding to 447 projects in the total amount of 54 million EUR.

The raised funds will be used for operational needs, to develop the real estate segment, and to adapt the operations and structure of the company to the new crowdfunding legislation. 

In this fundraising round, the target is 67 948.74 EUR.


Maximum target: 67 948.74 EUR
Loan term: 18 months
Interest rate  20,4% per annum; for investments over 10 000 EUR -28,8% p.a.
Repayment: The interest is paid monthly, and the loan principal is repaid at the end of the loan term.
Location: Latvia


CROWDESTOR OU was founded at the end of 2017. Since the first day, CROWDESTOR has been raising capital from investors worldwide and allocating it to businesses with a shortage of available resources to grow.

CROWDESTOR OU as an investment platform, together with more than 23 000 investors, has helped businesses to access more than 40 000 000 EUR of funding, ensuring 20.53% as an average annual interest for its investors.

As for the year 2020, although it has proved to be a challenge, CROWDESTOR managed to surpass all of its targets, including but not limited to the count of new investors, funded projects, and funded volume. All of that resulted in more than 1.2M EUR revenue, i.e., an increase of 204% compared to the previous year. The cumulative loan portfolio has grown by 58% year-to-year in comparison to the year 2019. In 2020, investors had funded 21.9M EUR worth of projects and received 11.6M EUR back, 3M EUR (26%) of interest repayments, and 8.4M EUR (73%) of principal. The return for the investor on average has remained around 20%.

In 2020, CROWDESTOR advanced technologically by releasing the secondary market, investor dashboard, voting functionality, and the new website design. The Loan management system is still in the development stage and will be released soon as well.

From a legal perspective, CROWDESTOR has developed a number of procedures, including but not limited to the debt collection, restructuring of non-performing loans, data protection, credit policy, etc., necessary for satisfying the needs and wishes of our investors and complying with the EU crowdfunding regulation.

CROWDESTOR continues to work on timely and standardized communication with the investors, keeping investors informed about the relevant happenings around the invested projects via the update section in the investor's cabinet. Statistics on late projects have been made publicly available to increase the platform's transparency.

CROWDESTOR key goals are to expand operations geographically and widen product range to enable our investors to diversify their portfolios and allow more businesses to access the capital needed to grow. Apart from that, CROWDESTOR aims to comply with European Crowdfunding regulation, improve the existing product, communicate with investors, and change the ownership structure of the investment platform to increase the prospect of future sustainable and steady growth substantially.



CROWDESTOR in numbers 2019 vs. 2020

The same 5 metrics and methodology based on which the previous valuation of roughly 12 mln EUR was estimated and presented in the whitepaper were considered. Then data of 2020 was compared to 2019. The results are presented below:








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