Smart.Reviews ǀ Round 07
100% Funded

Interest rate:32%
Period:12 months
Target: 50 000€
Min. target: 10 000€
Opens: 2021/06/11
Expires: 2021/07/11
Type: Specialized
Location: Worldwide
Investments: 314


The current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors a unique chance to invest in the AI and machine learning-powered reviews website development that aims to revolutionize the way customers consume reviews and the businesses manage their reputation. E-commerce is the future of retail and Smart. Reviews will serve both the customers and businesses to benefit the most from the growing trend.

Minimum target: 10 000 EUR
Maximum target: 50 000 EUR
Loan period 12 months
Interest rate: 32% p.a.
Repayment: Interest payments are paid in bullet payment together with the Loan principal payment at the end of the Loan term
Security: Commercial pledge on equity and intellectual property
Location: Worldwide

Remember - interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!


The reviews are extremely important for shoppers who make purchases online. The research shows that 85% of all online shoppers conduct research prior to making a purchase.

What are they looking for? The quality of the product, the delivery information, the review about the seller, and many more. There is a high chance that the customer will not receive the information he or she is researching on the reviews website. The customer, who wants to find out about the warmth of the jack, or the quality of a leather bag, for example, may scroll for ages looking for relevant information.

E-commerce is the future of retail, predicted to reach 95% of all retail purchases by 2040. The rising popularity of online shopping and the change in customer preferences towards online shopping makes it essential for retailers to think about the competition in a different light than before. Previously retailers, big or small, were competing with shops in the same geography, but now the world is the playfield, so it is essential to manage the online reputation more seriously.

The existing review services were originally built as different businesses and eventually evolved to be review websites. This brings many flaws, which affect both- the customers and businesses. Moreover, human psychology works in a way- that the good reviews are left in exceptional situations, whereas the negative reviews are left when there is a slight dissatisfaction or a negative emotion involved during the shopping process.

According to different research, a single bad review can account for around 22% loss in sales. The bad review easily becomes a weapon in the “competition war” and a tool for a black PR. The reviews websites very often rank higher than the official business webpages, putting the reviews providers at the central stage and impossible to ignore.

Smart.Reviews aim to solve the problems businesses and customers are facing. The advanced technology allowed us to build algorithms that easily can filter the fake and real reviews, sort the reviews into categories, such as reviews about service, product, delivery, quality, business, etc. Smart.Reviews are putting the needs of the businesses to the central stage as well, making it easy to claim profiles and interact with customers thanks to friendly interface and competitive pricing models.

The business model is tailored specifically to the reviews industry and aims not only to improve the online shopping experience but also to have a great monetization potential.

How it Works

Smart.Reviews have designed a rating mechanism whose unique advantage is based on four pillars:

Smart.Reviews has broken down the reviews into two different but equally important topics/streams. One will focus on reviewing businesses and the other on reviewing the products.

Reviewing Businesses

Smart.Reviews algorithms will create Business Profiles by gathering relevant information from online sources, sorting it by regions, industries, and size. The platform will automatically populate the business directory gathering information from publicly available sources such as yellow pages, travel guides, etc.

The businesses will be sorted based on the location, industry, and size. All available metadata (logo, contacts, description) will be gathered from the businesses’ websites.

The business profile can’t be removed, however, can be claimed by the business itself. After the business profile is claimed it can be edited and managed. Businesses will be invited to claim their profiles for free. The free version allows interaction with the reviewers and offers to include Smart.Reviews rating on the business’s home page. 

Additional features such as an invitation to leave a review, hiding competitors, and unconfirmed reviews will be offered for a fee or as a subscription model. Businesses will invite their customers to review the product or provide services to show their dedication to their clients

The customer's ratings and reviews can’t be edited by the businesses. The AI-powered algorithms will delete fake reviews, protecting the transparency and integrity of the Smart.Reviews platform.

Reviewing Products

Online shoppers mostly review products, not the businesses. Smart.Reviews will offer dedicated product review pages, allowing customers to research and compare products. Furthermore, the platform will aggregate the reviews for the same product from all over the world, providing customers with more information than ever before. Users will see all testimonials in one place – about the product and merchant. This is more important than ever before as the spending power is moving to Generation Z consumers. 

Proprietary AI and ML algorithms will filter out redundant and inappropriate reviews, leaving only relevant and trustworthy reviews.

Functionality & Features

Visual Business Reviews Product Reviews Other
  • Hide sorting of reviews
  • Hide competitors from the business profile page
  • Customize the business profile page
  • Hide unverified reviews
  • An extended version of reporting capabilities
  • Website widget displayed a chosen rating
  • Website widget with product reviews from multiple resellers
  • Direct link to the product from Smart.Reviews platform
  • CRM integration
  • Verified reviews suggestions for customers
  • Analytics integration
  • Inviting customers to leave a review directly from the Smart.Reviews admin panel
  • Shopify integration

Businesses will be able to claim their profile and interact with reviewers for free, all other features will be available for an additional cost. All features will be bundled into subscription plans, but also will be available for individual activation.

Subscription plans will be affordable and divided into three different price levels:

  • Standard (Low Price)
  • Super (Medium Price)
  • Enterprise (Custom Price)

Smart.Reviews Unique Advantages

  • The reviews are divided into categories, so customers can get the relevant reviews quickly.
  • The trustworthiness of the business is quickly checked without reading across tons of irrelevant reviews.
  • Customers quickly see the score of direct competitors, getting an overall picture of the industry.
  • Beneficial to businesses, showing the overall mood in the sector, and providing context to a customer.
  • Transparency on how the overall rating score was generated.
  • The reviews are linked to the web address, not the brand name. No more mix-ups with other businesses.
  • Competitive pricing and modern and pro-active business development team.
  • Experienced team with a great track record of founding and working at successful businesses.

Marketing SEO Strategy

Direct competitors have a weak SEO and Google Strategy due to the evolving business model, which was not the focus of the reviews originally. Smart.Reviews platform will benefit from unique user-generated content, which in turn will boost the SEO and PageRank of the Platform. The traffic will mainly be driven by the customers researching, comparing, and reviewing the products sold online.

The biggest competitor is Trustpilot and it has a weak SEO strategy and maintains its leadership due to a large number of backlinks. This makes the marketing strategy straightforward and productive since Smart.Reviews will not need to fight over clients with their direct competitors.

Focusing on SEO will give Smart.Reviews a competitive advantage which eventually will allow surpassing its competition. The review widgets will be embedded into business websites, automatically providing us with backlinks.

Competitor Analysis

Why Now?

Market paradigm

For the past decade, shoppers and service consumers are changing their behavior choosing online shops and service providers over physical stores. It is estimated that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made online. The pandemics have accelerated this process, by boosting online sales even further. During the lockdown online sales globally have shot up by 96% when comparing to the same period in 2019.


The world is becoming interconnected and nothing seems to stop the globalization processes, not the pandemic, not the “trade war”. The challenges the world faced in 2020 only showed that globalization is difficult to stop. For e-commerce businesses, this means every other online store is your competition. Online reviews are the ones that make a real difference. 

Trust Vacuum

When shopping online or researching a potential service, you need a trustworthy feedback and reviews partner, who can take you through a vast number of products and merchants offered online. Smart.Reviews will be your guide in the online universe.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology has reached a point when verifying the authenticity of a review is not a manual time-consuming task. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology all reviews are tested for fraud and deleted if the feedback is fictitious. This gives an opportunity to a new revolutionary review player like Smart.Reviews

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