ELVI – Refinancing of shareholders loan 100% invested

Cash Flow
Liepaja, Latvia
Fully invested
still need
target : 80000€
Investment period:
12 months
Interest rate:
13 %
Number of investors:

An operator of 14 ELVI grocery stores and 12 specialized alcoholic stores AlkOutlet is planning to refinance the Borrowers shareholders loan allowing further investments into feasible business projects in highly competitive market of Borrower’s business segment.

Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan with 13% annual interest rate which is paid every month, secured by guarantee of the Borrower.

Minimum target to be raised in CROWDESTOR platform is EUR 10 000,00 and the maximum target is EUR 80 000,00.



Minimum target – EUR 10 000,00.

Maximum target – EUR 80 000,00.

Loan term – 12 months.

Interest rate – 13% per annum.

Interest payments: paid monthly.

Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term.

Early repayment: In case of early repayment of the Loan, the Borrower pays 10% from scheduled Interest Payments.



Company Banderi is one of the biggest and leading partners for using ELVI franchise. Company Banderi is working under two shopping networks trademarks – ELVI and AlkOutlet. Company was founded in 2010.

Banderi operates 12 specialized alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage outlets “ALK Outlet”, as well as 14 ELVI stores.

Current Banderi shareholders: SIA Realto Capital (70%), Gatis Krasovskis (15%), Intars Krasovskis (15%). SIA Realto Capital is a holding company owned by Alvis Krasovskis.

Company Banderi totally employ 149 employees. Bussines executives: 7 employees; Shops managers: 24 employees (2 managers each manage 2 shops); Shop employees: 118 employees.

Company address: Rīga, Braslas street 29A-1, Latvia.


Report of activities

  • Year 2015 – Banderi  manage 4 stores. Turnover 2.2 mlj. EUR netto.
  • Year 2016 – opens 12 new stores, 2 stores are closed. Turnover 6 mlj. EUR netto. At the end of the year managing 14 stores.
  • Year 2017 – opens 12 new stores, 2 are closed, for 3 stores are done renovation. Turnover 10 mlj. EUR netto. At the end of the year managing 24 stores.
  • Year 2018 (first half-year) – opens 3 new stores, 1 is closed, for 1 store is done renovation. At the end of the year managing 26 stores.


Gross turnover for all Banderi stores:

Banderi stores (ELVI & AlcOutlet) turnover proportions:

Number of customers served in Banderi stores:

Annual objectives for 2018:

  • New stores opening in case if investment is safe;
  • Stock holding comparing to monthly turnover;
  • Year 2018 closing with turnover of 14,3 mlj EUR netto and 1 year after the rapid development with a positive earnings figure.

Banderi ELVI stores:                                                     

  • Riga, Brivibas 92, Latvia
  • Druva, Vienibas iela 4, Latvia
  • Iecava, Baldones iela 42, Latvia
  • Jelgava, Svetes iela 9, Latvia
  • Odziena, Vietalvas pag., Kalēji, Latvia
  • Zeltritu iela 16-2, Marupe, Latvia
  • Ventspils, Kuldigas iela 124, Latvia
  • Rezekne, Atbrivosanas aleja, Latvia
  • Malta, Latvia
  • Liepaja, Dzintaru iela 25/27, Latvia
  • Liepaja, Rigas iela, Latvia
  • Liepaja, Talsu iela 47, Latvia
  • Rezekne. Kr. Valdemara iela 2a, Latvia
  • Tervete, pagasta maja, Latvia

Banderi AlkOutlet stores:

  • Riga, Juglas Krastmala 2, Latvia
  • Riga, Murjāņu iela 91, Latvia
  • Riga, Dzelzavas iela 74, Latvia
  • Riga, Braslas 29a, Latvia
  • Riga, Ropazu iela 28, Latvia
  • Riga, Maza Nometņu iela 27, Latvia
  • Riga, Dzirciems 42, Latvia
  • Dobele, Uzvaras 5, Latvia
  • Jelgava, Pasta 51, Latvia
  • Ventspils, Tirgus laukums 1, Latvia
  • Druva, Latvia
  • Riga, TC Mežciems, Latvia


SIA Elvi Latvija is the owner and franchisor of the Elvi brand. There are 143 stores operating with Elvi brand in Latvia, 10 of them are in Riga. Moreover, there are 50 AlkOutlet stores – an additional brand included in the Elvi franchise agreement.

As part of the franchise agreement, Elvi Latvija provides stores with:

  • Product assortment and procurement
  • Layout of shelves, displays and products
  • Marketing
  • ERP system for stores
  • Personnel training and HR system

From 2013 to 2016 the gross turnover of Elvi stores grew by 45%, due to new franchise partners and successful operations of the existing chain. The number of Elvi stores has increased by 122% since 2012.

Number of stores:


ALK Outlet – a successful related business, which brings additional revenue and profit

The first Alk Outlet was opened on September 13, 2012, in Ķekava. Alk Outlet stores offer the most popular brands of alcoholic and soft drinks at prices that are 20-30% cheaper than in other stores. In addition, customers can also buy non-alcoholic beverages, as well as various accessories necessary for use of alcoholic drinks.

The brand was created because:

  • Management saw an opportunity to gain significant market share by using their expertise and ability to achieve additional profits.
  • Alk Outlet can be positioned next to Elvi stores, gaining synergies for both stores
  • Potential law forbidding sales of strong alcohol in grocery stores is considered by the government.

Currently, there are 50 Alk Outlet stores located all over Latvia and several new stores are expected to open in 2017.

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