Cryptocurrency Mining Farm 100% invested

Fully invested
still need
target : 40000€
Investment period:
3 months
Interest rate:
36 %
Number of investors:


IT company OU “TehniAir” is planning to expand its crypto currency mining activities by raising a short-term debt to acquire additional mining rigs.

The company owns and manages 35 units of Antminer S9 13.5 THs mining rigs with current market value around EUR 50 000. Currently Antminer S9 is considered as most popular Bitcoin mining technology.

Short-term debt is going to be used to acquire mining rigs like Antminer S9 for Bitcoin mining, Antminer L3+ for Litecoin mining or Antminer E3 for Ethereum mining depending on mining calculator and equipment availability in market at the end of funding campaign.

Mining farm is located next to an existing natural gas cogeneration plant and buys electricity from it by direct line ensuring significiantly lower expenses than electricity consumers buying electricity from grid.


Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan with 36% annual interest rate which is paid every month, secured by pledge on existing 35 units Antminer S9, and pledge on rigs to be acquired using funds raised via CROWDESTOR.

Minimum target to be raised in CROWDESTOR platform is EUR 10 000,00. Maximum target is EUR 40 000,00.



Maximum target – EUR 40 000,00.

Loan term – 3 months.

Interest rate – 36% per annum.

Interest payments: paid monthly – for previous month interest payment is paid by 5th date of the following month, starting from next day after end of funding campaign.

Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term.



  • pledge on existing 35 units Antminer S9,
  • pledge on new rigs acquired using funds raised via CROWDESTOR.
  • Guarantee of the Borrower.




Cryptocurrency market capitalization is USD 250 billion in the beginning of April, 2018, which is a decrease for more than 3 times since market capitalization peak in beginning of January, 2018 when market value exceeded USD 800 billion. However market value has increased more than 9 times since April 2017 when total cryptocurrency market value was USD 27 billion.

The market currently experiences significant attention from government institutions and banks and becomes more and more regulated. The price changes are complicated to predict.

Bitcoin still remains leading cryptocurrency on market with around 45% dominance, followed by Ethereum with 15% dominance, and Ripple with 7% dominance.


3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Will Rebound in Q2 2018

It’s been a hazy start to the year for bitcoin, but here comes the sun. After shedding $119 billion-plus from its market cap in Q1 amid pressure from regulators and the cold shoulder from advertising platforms, the bitcoin price is ready for a rebound. And it appears the stars are beginning to align for that to happen in the second quarter. CNBC’s Brian Kelly outlined the drivers of the bitcoin price for the new quarter, and we’ve added to them.

US Tax Season’s Nearly Over

April 15 marks the end of tax season in the United States, and it’s just around the corner. Investors who profited from bitcoin’s massive rally in December are having to come up with the money to pay Uncle Sam now, which could explain a percentage of the selling pressure in the bitcoin price in March. Kelly noted that any “tax-related selling” that’s been happening in March is going to come to an end in a little more than a week. (Separately, Kelly also noted that the blockbuster $2 billion Telegram ICO may have attracted investments away from BTC.)

Coincheck Deal in Sight

As CCN previously reported, Japan’s Coincheck may be on the block. Not only is it for sale but the potential buyer, online brokerage Monex Group, is the parent company of US-based TradeStation (with massive data and charting capabilities) and is publicly traded. “It’s a massive confidence boost; you now have a regulated public company in Japan buying into a crypto exchange,” Brian Kelly, CEO of BK Capital Management, told CNBC. Kelly added that  “massive, massive sentiment shift.”

History Is on Bitcoin’s Side

Unless you were looking to buy the dip, March was difficult to watch for bitcoin investors. But even though the bitcoin price suffered, the performance only proves that history repeats itself. March is historically a dismal month for the leading cryptocurrency, “rising only one of the last seven years [in 2013],” as per Fundstrat data.

That’s good news for April because historically, this is one of the best trading months for the bitcoin price, “rising five of the last seven years,” Fundstrat says.

Other Tailwinds

The forces for bitcoin are stronger than the forces against it. While these three drivers of the bitcoin price appear imminent, there could be others. For instance, major bitcoin markets around the world including the United States are awaiting a regulatory framework to take shape to take the uncertainty out of the equation, among other reasons. It could be the catalyst the cryptocurrency markets need to bring them over the top.

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