INCH² - Increase of operating capital
100% Financiado

Tasa de interés:17%
Período:16 meses
Objetivo: 100 000€
Abre: 2018/10/24
Vence: 2018/11/30
Categoría: Specialized
Ubicación: Worldwide
Inversiones: 200

INCH2 is looking for an investment that would give the brand a possibility to expand their sales offline through the most desired prime shopping venues and to enlarge stock for the existing women’s collection as well as just launched men’s collection and bags. After entering retail channels and reducing delivery time for online orders by having a valid stock, it is predicted to have a huge increase of INCH2 loyal customer orders around the globe.


Minimum target: EUR 50 000,00.
Maximum target: EUR 100 000,00.
Loan term: 16 months.
Interest rate: 17% + 5%
Fixed  interest rate: 17% per annum.
Success interest rate cap: 5%* per annum.
Interest payments: Fixed interest rate is paid monthly.
Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term.
Early repayment: In case of early repayment of the Loan, the Borrower pays 10% from scheduled Interest Payments.
*- Success interest calculation and payment: if annual turnover in year 2019 exceeds 5 million EUR, 1% success interest rate is paid for each 1 million EUR above the base turnover  of 5 million EUR. Example, if turnover in 2019 is 7 million EUR investors receive 17% base interest rate + 2% success interest rate, if turnover in 2019 is 9 million EUR  investors receive 17% base interest rate + 4% success interest rate. Success interest is paid in the end of loan term together with principal payment.



    • INCH2 loan is secured by a guarantee of the company.


  • Additionally - the loan and equity injected by INCH2 shareholders, will be subordinated to Crowdestor investors loan. This means - current shareholders of INCH2 will not be allowed to pay back their loan prior to 100% of Crowdestor investors loan is paid back.


INCH2 is a fast-growing young brand founded in Northern Europe in 2015.
Driving passion behind the brand’s identity is a blend of a refined design of handcrafted footwear with strong charismatic personality. Unique style, uncompromising comfort and high quality – three fundamental principles the brand stands for. INCH2 fills the gap between mass-market and exclusive, designer footwear, offering handcrafted highly fashionable footwear for affordable middle range price.
Now INCH2 manufacturing extended to the Europe’s best shoemakers. The brand’s footwear is being produced in Portugal and Italy at the same facilities as the following well - known brands: KENZO, LANVIN, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, BALMAIN, GIVENCHY etc.

INCH2 was founded by Olga and Edward Peterson just after returning home from living for a long time in London. Olga as promising young architect and Edward with an expertise in online marketing started the brand with only five styles which grew into a wide range of highly desired products with an ever-growing audience of supporters and devoted customers around the globe in just a couple of years.
The brand was inspired by fusion of styles, art and different perceptions of beauty while travelling around the world and absorbing the unique culture of each country visited.


NET SALES for last 12 month (up to Sep’18 YoY) is 3,3M EUR, targeting for the whole FY 2018 4,23 M EUR Net sales directly to retail customers.


• Women leather footwear, this season collection (F/W 2019) 36 styles, overall 2014-2018 launched more than 200 commercial styles. Price range 300-500 EUR
• Men’s footwear (so far soft launch only) , this season collection (F/W 2018/2019) 12 styles, overall 2014-2018 launched 20 commercial styles Price range 300-500 EUR
• Women’s bags - to be launched FY 2018 Q4 - launch collection 8 styles, in a pipeline 20 styles already. Price range 350-450 EUR


• Supply chain: B2C via web-shop
• Main markets: EU, USA, Russia - more than 75% of sales
• Dual-pricing: uniform pricing for both EU and non-EU customers, that makes non-EU market generally more lucrative


• Monk boots (incl. seasonal variations)
• Leather brogue boots (incl. seasonal variations)
• Closed toe nude Sandals (all colour , sole and furniture seasonal variations)
• Dapper pointed boots (incl.seasonal variations)
• Pink fringe oxford (incl. seasonal colour variations)
Signature Models contribute more than 85 % of overall sales, and are continuous highlight with seasonal modifications already for years, and, certainly will strongly support revenue base in coming seasons. Signature Models defines INCH2 style, that made the brand well-recognized with these items highly sought by customers.


The fast expansion of suppliers network was really demanding and the achievement that has followed was not an easy task to accomplish, giving the level of challenges appeared to be high indeed. Our products had been praised by the most fashionable audience, and now we are truly glad and proud to offer the excellent design and quality shoes to all of our fans around the globe. We are constantly perfecting enjoyable wearing experience, this is an ongoing journey that will never stop. We adore the possibility to learn from our customers – their preferences, their feeling of beauty and style.
Due to fact-based approach and product high quality and appearance, the brand is expanding its presence worldwide. INCH2 flexibility allows it no to stick to the borders and go viral.

The best-selling markets at the moment:

• European Union
• U.S.A.
• Russia
The brand is currently working on entering Asia, gain more recognition and develop stronger position in the U.S.A and Russia.



FY 2018 Q4

• Launch of Women’s Bag - first introduction of INCH2 Accessories category to a market
• Full launch of Men’s footwear collection
• Black Friday - massive marketing campaign
• Localised web-resources for one of main non-EU market: launch of INCH2 localised Russian web-shop
• Build-up of stock of merchandise on hand to 2 months sales level

FY 2019 Q1

• Valentine’s Day featured campaign
• Launch of Spring/Summer collection women and men footwear, women bags
• Shipping of customers orders directly from manufacturer’s site • Special Russian market targeted campaign for International Women day



• Digital Marketing
• Logistics
• Design
• Scalable manufacturing
Company is in never-ending cycle of further improvement of its operations and utilizing of opportunities.


• extend logistical reach in terms of returned goods pick-up
• diversify & expand supplier base in order to satisfy the needs of future product range expansion
• Improve designs both in terms of uniform components as well as wearabilit
• further investments e-commerce (more advanced platforms; localized webresources for main markets)
• advanced market research to extend the product range / to clone the brand



Creative director Olga Petersone has a perfect sense for choosing right key fashion trends and projecting them onto signature styles.This resulted into development of Signature Style, as acknowledged by professionals, unmatched by competition:Monk Boots, Leather Brogue Boots, Dapper-pointed Boots, Close toe nude sandals, Pink Fringe Oxfords. Olga proved to be successful in forecasting global design trends and implementing them into refined style suitable for the brand’s target audience


Highly competitive inhouse expertise in digital marketing, that is managed by Edward Petersons. The expertise had been corroborated not only by business results, but also by peers - 2017 Digital Marketing Award in Latvia for the best efforts in the field. The way we utilize “big data” of our customer base, proved to be able to mobilise customer base for seasonal and other campaigns and launches. Dynamic approach in managing digital channels and being able to capture tactic and strategic opportunities, is absolutely vital in ever-changing world of digital marketing. Strong digital marketing presence in major social networks


Strategic, ever deepening, cooperation with Vitorino Coelho manufacturer from Portugal, is also recognition of INCH2 brand, as being able on par to use manufacturer’s facilities along with the very top of global brands.
However, a strategic aim is to extend suppliers’ base and deepen a personal bond for a faster turnaround times within a supply chain.



INCH2, Elizabetes street 19, Riga, LV1220, Latvia

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