Invest 2019

Invest tradeshow, Stuttgart 2019

The annual Invest tradeshow is one of the largest and most influential in financial and investment markets. It stands out amongst its peers in German-speaking countries and Crowdestor will be in attendance at Invest 2019 in Stuttgart. For those who have not yet visited the tradeshow it offers a glimpse into the future, the chance to interact with financial companies and service providers, expanding your knowledge of investment markets.  

Who will be in attendance?

Invest 2019 will see an array of investment banks, online brokers, security dealers, investment funds with crowdfunding platforms set to be a growing presence in years to come. Crowdestor will be available to discuss the crowdfunding investment tool, explain regulations and protection and take questions from the floor. This really is the creme de la creme of the financial industry. A tradeshow with a growing reputation amongst its peers

Investment opportunities

Crowdfunding has literally taken the market by storm over the last couple of years and awareness continues to rise. Aside from the relatively obvious cost savings, cutting out financial institutions and banking corporations, this transparent platform has much to offer.   Spreading the risk   Have you been caught out in the past having “all of your eggs in one basket”? Do you struggle to create an acceptable degree of risk aversion across your portfolio? Perhaps you have been put off by relatively high entry costs for new investments in years gone by?   For many people the beauty of crowdfunding is the ability to invest as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. All of the financials are available, feedback from fundraisers and many crowdfunding platforms only list companies in which they are willing to invest. You will likely have come across offerings where elements were difficult to understand. We will be there to answer your question, put your mind at rest and go into as much detail as required. Invest 2019 will also give you the opportunity to create contacts for the future.

Combining theory with practice

Over the two days of the tradeshow you will not only have the opportunity to mingle with experts and advisers, but you can also ask any questions you have. The focus of the tradeshow is finance and investment and the practical side is the interaction between experts and potential fundraiser/investors. Crowdestor has on numerous occasions in the past been in communication with clients – this is part of what we do. Invest 2019 is the perfect place to bring all queries and questions out into the open, have an interactive debate with the intention of visitors leaving far more knowledgeable than when they arrived.

Regulations and protection

There have been many stories and myths regarding regulations and protection in the world of crowdfunding. The industry has grown to such a size that regulatory issues are now a hot topic within the European Union. Invest 2019 offers the opportunity to update visitors on regulations, protection and plans for the future. The European Union is currently discussing regulatory issues although it is fair to say there are still some hurdles to overcome. By the time Invest 2019 comes along we expect to be in a position to update investors and fundraisers. In the meantime, investor protection is paramount and an integral part of what is a growing industry.

Analysing crowdfunding opportunities

The key to any successful crowdfunding operation, whether fundraising or investing, is to appreciate market conditions and react accordingly. Balancing the risk/reward ratio is vital to any fundraising operation. There needs to be the potential return required to take on a specific degree of risk. Chatting with the experts, talking through your investment strategies and how particular risk/reward ratios fit in with your plans for the future will be invaluable. We hope to see you at Invest 2019 and would welcome your input during the conference. Alternatively, feel free to arrange a one-to-one discussion.  

Invest 2019 will take place on 2 days from Friday, 5 April to Saturday, 06 April 2019 in Stuttgart.