By the fourth quarter of 2019, the shoe brand INCH2 has made a significant breakthrough in its development. Several well-coordinated actions and effective transformations carried out aimed at increasing sales and reducing costs for the enterprise.

Production entirely relocated to Portugal. Thanks to the agreements reached with one of the leading factories in Europe, the cost of production and quality allow us to compete in the market for similar products successfully.

INCH2 is currently seeking to consolidate logistics near the manufacturing base in Portugal. That will significantly reduce the lead time, facilitate communication with partners, coordination of all technical processes. Also signed cooperation agreements with new logistics companies, due to which delivery times to third world countries has reduced, the service of returns and tracking of parcels has improved, while expenses are decreasing.

Participation in the most significant shoe exhibitions, for example, Micam, allows INCH2 to vividly declares itself in the global shoe industry. Since the beginning of the first quarter of 2019, great emphasis has been placed on the development of agency arrangements and wholesales. INCH2 products are currently available in 57 stores in 19 countries in Europe, West and East. BTW, there has been a significant preponderance of the audience in favour of buyers from America. Soon, INCH2 plans to enter the Asian market, many increases in wholesale and online sales in America, increasing the number of partners and agents around the world.

The brand's popularization on social networks is actively developing, the total audience of INCH2 fans exceeds 875 thousand people in all countries of the world, which increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and reduces the cost of traffic. Customer loyalty and interest in products from opinion leaders (artists, fashion gurus, famous bloggers) are also overgrowing.

Thanks to the impeccable taste and fashionable flair of the INCH @ designer Olga Peterson, each seasonal collection is of great interest to the public and representatives of the fashion elite. Designers and photographers of glossy magazines want to work with INCH2. This year, as part of the Riga Fashion Week, INCH2 bestsellers were featured at the fashion show of the popular luxury women's clothing brand.

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