INCH2 feat. BlackFriday = over 1 Million EUR sales!

INCH2 HAS REACHED A NEW HEIGHT OF WORLDWIDE RECOGNITION - over 1 million in sales during Black Friday!  

Globally well-known fashion brand INCH2 has set a new milestone of customer recognition of its refined and distinctive shoe designs. This year during Black Friday campaign INCH2 sales skyrocketed to an astonishing 1,050,000 EUR benchmark, that has levelled the brand to a new orbit among other global online fashion trends. Taking into consideration this result was achieved only by using one retail channel – this is not only the biggest amount of orders for the company to be received during one day, but also an unprecedented case in the business landscape of Latvia.  

Since the brand was founded in 2015 it has experienced a very rapid yearly growth and this year has been no different. Thanks to deep analysis of customer shopping habits and behaviour, INCH2 has been able to recognize global trends and target its audience in an accurate manner. All the e-commerce success is based on research and the entire advertising concept has very precise numbers beneath the visual part.    

INCH2 has finally extended all its manufacturing to Europe’s best shoemakers in Portugal - the brand produces footwear in the same facilities that are used by fashion houses, who rule the industry all around the world. The current A/W collection was immediately noticed by the fashion world and brought new bestsellers on shelves. Moreover, this season, INCH2 footwear has extended its reach with immaculate Men’s collection designs. At the same time “INCH2 classics” represent the very substance of the brand and continue to attract loyal customers for years.  

As the quantities are growing so do the brand’s opportunities. High amount of requests from the existing and potential customers has set new goals. INCH2 is going to further extend both women’s and men’s footwear collections and also add bags to the product range in near future. Following the latest tendencies of sustainable consumption and smart shopping, INCH2 is developing a line of style in order to provide the customers with possibility to make choices based on their level of social responsibility and preferences. The line is going to be designed from artificial materials, keeping unique INCH2 signature look.  

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