Groundwork of Meza Energija

Initially investing in forest properties may seem as easy as it is with real estate. Still, the significant difference is that in the forestry, more critical is planning of location, and also it is growing all the time. In forestry business, it is crucial to have a stable portfolio of properties from which you can provide material according to market needs and sell different kind collections for the highest market price possible. We are working hand in hand with varying acquires of forestry across Europe, and we are tailoring portfolios according to their needs and specifications to make most of the properties and their added value - forest.
Usually, a portfolio starts from around 400 ha(Can be less or even more thousands of ha). There are not many properties in Latvia that big, so we have to combine smaller features to reach a decent portfolio size. The smaller components of the portfolio consist of different land and forest types - feelings, coppices, new forest, grown forest, agricultural areas, overgrown lands, etc., not to mention the kind of species growing and fertility coefficients. When we evaluate the property, we look at it as part of the portfolio. All the properties listed have access rights, and they embedded with the State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia. Meza Energija has returned some of the previous loans before the due date, and we have increased our capital as a sign of credibility, as well as no tax debts.