Bovine Nutraceutical & Supplement Manufacturer | Round 02
100% Funded

Interest rate:24%
Period:12 months
Target: 13 000€
Min. target: 10 000€
Opens: 2021/03/24
Expires: 2021/04/15
Type: SME
Location: Latvia
Investors: 97


CROWDESTOR would like to announce a new investment opportunity in the industry of agriculture, forestry, and fishing - Bovine Nutraceutical & Supplement Manufacturer | Round 02

Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan with a 24% annual interest rate with a monthly repayment of the principal amount and the interest. The funding target is EUR 13 000. The funds raised in this crowdfunding campaign will be used as working capital for the company's development.

The loan is secured with a personal guarantee from the company shareholder. 


Minimum target: EUR 10 000,00
Maximum target: EUR 13 000,00
Loan period: 12 months
Interest rate: 24% p.a.
Repayment: Interest payments are paid monthly. Loan principal - repaid monthly in similar installments. 
Collateral: Personal guarantee of the beneficial owner
Location: Latvia
CROWDESTOR Provision Fund: Yes

Remember - interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!

About the Borrower

The company Fari Bovine SIA was established in 2005 and has successfully operated in the bovine nutritional supplements business.

The company's Fari Bovine SIA clients are farms in Latvia and abroad, the Latvian Agricultural Ministry, public research institutes, and pilot stations.

Every farmer is concerned about the overall health of their livestock. Bovine supplements and feed additives are ingredients or a combination of ingredients added to the basal feed-in micro quantities for the purpose of improving the rate of gain, feed efficiency, or preventing and controlling diseases.

Name of the company Fari Bovine SIA
Registration number 50003790451
Registration date 16.12.2005
Registration country Latvia
Shareholders Marvin Campe, Z/S "DZIRNAS"
Board member Kaspars Devīts
Legal address Lielā iela 49A - 10, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167
Actual address Lielā iela 49A - 10, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167


* Find the full Credit report in the attachment

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