Medical Center Development
100% Funded

Interest rate:26%
Period:9 months
Target: 301 000€
Min. target: 100 000€
Opens: 2020/08/27
Expires: 2020/09/21
Type: Real Estate
Location: Latvia
LTV: 24
Investments: 1527


CROWDESTOR offers an opportunity to invest in the development of a luxury state-of-the-art Medical center that aims to serve as a rehabilitation center for world-class athletes.

CROWDESTOR investors are offered to invest for 9 months while the project is being packaged to atract strategic investor. Negotiations are currently ongoing.

The total amount of funds to be raised in the CROWDESTOR platform – 1.2 million EUR. The loan is secured with first-hand collateral on Real estate object valuated 4.9 million EUR ensuring an LTV of 24%. Interest payment calculation will begin from the last day of this fundraising campaign. 

The real estate object consists of a real estate with a total land plot of 406 600m2 and more than 27 000m2 meters of buildings to be renovated, located in Kandava district.

Funds will be used to cover part to total development costs – to acquire the real estate, to implement full technical, and cover other expenses to develop the Medical center project.

Once the technical project is in place, strategic investor from the real estate/medical industry will be attracted to the refinance CROWDESTOR investors loan and to carry out the full reconstruction of the project. Total investments in Phase 2 consists of 50 million EUR in reconstruction and more than 60 million EUR in equipment and technical base.

The packaged project will include real estate, full technical project, all necessary permits, turnkey agreement with the general contractor, cooperation contract with one of the largest and leading Israeli clinics – SHEBA.

About the Medical Center Aizupe

The medical center will be located in the historical Aizupes Estate, located 100 km away from Riga, Latvia. The rehabilitation center will consist of several buildings and will accommodate more than 200 athletes, 50 medical staff, and will have 20 hotel rooms, swimming pool, conference rooms, and many other facilities to become the hub for medical rehabilitation and tourism among the world-class athletes.

The development strategy of the international center of Intellectual Medicine and Sport in Latvia will be based on the many years of experience in training Olympic-level athletes offered by the Israeli Institute of Sports, which will act as an international brand and not only help attract customers but also guarantee a consistently high level of scientific and medical staff.

The strategy is aimed at creating an “intellectual” sports and medical base with a solid reputation, the achievement of which is a consequence of high requirements for the level of professionalism of doctors (Israeli clinic doctors will participate in the project) and the technical base of the complex.

The target audience of the complex is higher league sports teams, as well as single professional athletes who are required to undergo a medical health examination 2 times a year while being able to receive their required daily sports load. The target audience also includes international-level athletes who are actively introducing a highly intelligent medical approach to training in order to achieve the highest results in sports- hockey, basketball, volleyball, and football teams, as well as representatives of individual sports.

The Center of Intellectual Medicine and Sport project includes the following:

  • The development of the only center of intellectual medicine in the countries of northern Europe aimed at developing individual treatments, rehabilitation, and recreational service programs using the latest scientific achievements in genetic engineering and DNA research.
  • Development of the only center of professional individual training of world-class athletes in the countries of northern Europe. The training program also provides a personalized approach for players in sports teams of major sports leagues.
  • Creation of a laboratory and technologically-scientific base and institute for biological research, GEN-material, and data collection.


    Total investments in second stage of project needed for the international center of Intellectual Medicine and Sport in Latvia, Aizupe Estate, is around 110 000 000 EUR:

    • 40 000 000 EUR - restoration and construction;
    • 10 000 000 EUR - interior, furniture, design, and landscape;
    • 43 000 000 EUR - equipment and technical base;
    • 13 000 000 EUR - operative expenses and administrative.


Cooperation partner

The consultant of the Project and its main partner in the field of medical services is one of the largest and leading Israeli clinics - SHEBA ( and Professor Zeev Rotstein (



Total investments to be raised on CROWDESTOR: up to 1 200 000 EUR
Funding target in 1st phase: EUR 550 000,00 
Minimum target: EUR 100 000,00
Loan term: 9 months
Interest rate: 26% per annum
Interest payments: at the end of the loan period
Loan repayment: at the end of the loan period
CROWDESTOR Provision fund: Yes
Collateral: First-hand collateral on real estate
LTV: 24%
The Borrower and project developer: SIA Generation Homes


Real Estate

Real estate object: Aizupes muiža, located in Kandava district.

Valuation: 4.9 million EUR.

Cadastral number: 9088 005 0052.

Real estate consists of:  total land plot of 406 600 square metres, more than 27 000m2 metres of buildings.

Location: 100 km from Riga; 84 km from Ventspils. 60 km from the coastline of the Gulf of Riga. Vānes parish, Kandavas county, Latvia.

Area: The medical center will be located in the historical Aizupes Estate, located 100 km away from Riga, Latvia. A unique monument of the classicism era, the only complex on the territory of Latvia that has survived after the agrarian reform of 1939.  Former historical owners are such families as fon Rozeni, fon Schlipenbahi, fon Hannes (14-18 century). The architectural beauty and natural surroundings got the place a nickname “Latvian Switzerland”. The “Aizupe Estate” consists of a land plot of 40.66 hectares with 25 buildings with a total area of 11,600 m2. On the territory, there is a pond, a natural source of water-rich in silicon, a three-hundred-year-old park, of unique thuja tree, beech, chestnut, and oak alley, as well as the only private stadium in Latvia with a total area of 2 hectares. 


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In annex:

  • Valuation report of Real Estate
  • Valuation report of Real Estate
  • Presentation about the Project

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