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Need: €0.00
Min.: €0.00
Interest rate: 22%
Period: 9 months
Target: €45 000
Min. target: €10 000
Opens: 2020/08/05
Expires: 2020/09/02
Type: Specialized
Location: Worldwide
Investments: 413


Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a secured loan to Intelligence Beauty brand SAAPIO.

After the last campaign, SAAPIO Intelligence Beauty brand has been successfully launched in European markets.

Giving unprecedented challenges presented by post-pandemics on the demand side, the earlier adopted plan for extending a reach of the brand globally needed to be adjusted, without abandoning ambitions of global expansion.

To reduce risks, pertaining to the current moment and foreseeably to coming quarters, instead of entering a higher competition high-end segment of cosmetics and food supplements globally, the pragmatic direction is to get a global expansion plan realized in 2020 on the account of a more affordable product line in addition to the existing product portfolio.

SAAPIO had undertaken already necessary preparatory steps to execute tasks necessary for a launch of an affordable SAAPIO sub-brand at the markets of USA and Russia - SAAPIO Urban, to capitalize on capturing the market share consisting also of those customers who are shifting this year down to more affordable products and hence are making choice in regard of preferences for their new skincare product range, or of the health supplements’ one.


Funding target: EUR 45 000,00.
Loan term: 9 months.
Interest rate: 21% per annum.
Interest payments: bullet payment at the end of the loan period 
Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term.
Collateral: Guarantee issued by the Borrower
Collateral Agent: Crowdestor Security Agent OÜ
Crowdestor Provision fund: Yes

Remember, interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!


SAAPIO brand had been successfully launched at the European Union market. 

SAAPIO team is dedicated to creating high quality, natural wellness products for skin and body. We are looking for investments that would allow us to extend the global reach after the successful launch in Europe. We work and collaborate with leading European and Scandinavian suppliers and choose the best ingredients and supplements market can offer.

Using our team great experience and knowledge in online and offline sales and product marketing we want to introduce and raise fundings for our unique, well thought off beauty brand SAAPIO.

Funding is necessary for valid stock and working assets as we aim to cover the whole EU market and expect high demands.


Product and positioning

SAAPIO is mid-range priced (30 EUR-90 EUR) collection of carefully curated products of skincare supplements for:


SAAPIO Urban aim is to lower the price range to 20-50 EUR per product unit in retail prices.

SAAPIO Urban line launch investment breakdown

SAAPIO Urban - SAAPIO affordable line of products’ launch requires investments into:

● samples and product compliance
● 2. initial stock
● 3. boost of marketing activities stream on launch

The amount of total investment is split over the following positions:

1. Design samples products and legal pre-launch compliance procedures for the product - 15,000 EUR
2. Starting stock for the launch late autumn 2020 - 20,000 EUR
3. Marketing budget boost for the launch of SAAPIO Urban - 10,000 EUR

TOTAL required investment: 45,000 EUR

This investment is structured as a revitalization loan to SAAPIO brand with the same conditions as before, as an extension of the current loan.


SAAPIO brand was launched capitalizing on the success of well known European fashion brand INCH2. This relatively new natural beauty and nutrition project SAAPIO aims to promote natural, nontoxic self-care products and supplements. SAAPIO team is dedicated to creating wellness by keeping mind, body, and spirit all in tune and intact. We follow a holistic approach to beauty that focuses on overall wellbeing and health choices and ensures your body is balanced and your skin glowing. We firmly believe that as you pursue healthy, radiant skin you must consider the quality of your lifestyle, diet, and beauty choices. SAAPIO approach to beauty emphasizes the interconnectedness of all three areas. Therefore, we want to change the common idea of what beauty is. With the focus on health and wellness, we are looking inward when considering skin health and beauty. We believe in the beauty that goes beyond nourishing the physical body, we are made up of various parts and we cannot operate as a whole without addressing each individual area, we cannot understand the fullness of our parts unless they are in harmony.

Find out more about SAAPIO here:

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