Blue Shock Race Leasing
100% Funded

Interest rate:14%
Period:24 months
Target: 124 444€
Min. target: 100 000€
Opens: 2020/01/02
Expires: 2020/02/01
Type: Specialized
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Investments: 833


Blue Shock Race is one of the best electric go-kart producers and go-kart rental indoor track developer with production base in Latvia.  Blue Shock Race has decided to expand its business offering financing to its customers. For this reason a new company Blue Shock Race Leasing is established which will be a leasing company of electric go-kart and indroor track assets.  

Blue Shock Race has been successfully developing 3 rental tracks in Baltic states and currently is expanding to Benelux, Spain and Finland.

A new rental race track is developed in Belgium to be opened in March 2020. It will be managed and owned by a Belgian former go-kart race driver Arthur De Maeseneir who since mid 2019 is the agent of Blue Shock Race products in Belgium. Blue Shock Race Leasing will be the owner of assets and will be leasing it to the operator of the indoor track operator. 

Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan with 14 % annual interest rate which is paid together with part of principle every month with 3 months grace period.

Minimum target to be raised in CROWDESTOR platform is EUR 100 000,00 and the maximum target is EUR 220 000,00. 


Minimum target: EUR 100 000,00
Maximum target: EUR 220 000,00. 
Loan term: 24 months. 
Interest rate: 14 % per annum. 
Interest payments: starting from 4th month paid monthly, interest for first 3 months are paid in 4th month
Loan repayment: 3 months grace, amortized till the end of the period.
Crowdestor BuyBack fund: Yes 
Remember - interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!


During the period while a loan is issued by CROWDESTOR to the Borrower:

1) CROWDESTOR has delegated a person as a board member of the Borrower and all strategic decisions related to business has to be approved by CROWDESTOR.

2) Shares of the Borrower are held on behalf of CROWDESTOR until Loan is fully repaid.

3) Go-karts and indoor track serves as collateral during loan period. 


The Project

A new rental race track is developed in Belgium to be opened in March 2020. It will be managed and owned by a Belgian former go-kart race driver Arthur De Maeseneir.

Blue Shock Race Leasing is acquiring new equipment and leasing it for 24 months to new race track operator in Belgium, Brussels area. Brand new asset list:

  1. BSR 2.0 Adult leisure karts (full set) x 14
  2. BSR 2.0 Kids leisure karts (full set) x 6
  3. BSR 2.0 Extra battery (35Ah) x 16
  4. BSR 2.0 Extra Charging dock (1,5kW) x 16
  5. Timing system + Safety system (Racefacer) x 1

The Borrower in newly founded company with a purpose to serve as a financial and leasing company to Bule Shock Race products expansion in Europe. 

Blue Shock Race outstanding technology and its quality have been approved and a long term contract for the supply of BSR Power Chains to one of the biggest American go-kart producer PIQUET KART. Blue Shock Race has been established in 2015.

The Borrower provides equipment leasing service to go-kart race and rental track developers and operators in European Union countries. Brower will become as one of the leading specialized go-kart equipment leasing company in Europe.

The Borrower has the capacity and is performing a background check and feasibility and rentability of the race track developed to follow the cash flow of rental track where the equipment is landed and leased. The cash flow projection of current lease in Belgium, Brussels area shows good performance leaving at least 50% of gross margin to race track operator after Interest and principal payments to the lender. Quick cash flow model as per bellow:


The lease agreement includes as well full equipment warranty for all the period of 2 years and as well producers buyback option at the end of each year. The race track operator is fully insured for accidents and total loss of assets. Other repairs and maintenance are done at the race track on a daily bases to keep the leased assets in good condition.



It is expected to generate revenue from March 2020 and to reach a second operational month 56% occupancy rate-making EUR 45 600 per month.

At the end of the first operational year the race track could increase the revenue up to 54 720 EUR per month securing GrossMargin more than 60%. The track financial prognoses are favourable encouraging to expand even more race tracks in other Benelux countries.

The turnover and gross margin figures after leasing payments show clear ability to repay the leasing on time and not having too big pressure on operational cash flow.


Blue Shock Race 

We believe we have created a key to a new generation of go kart for the future.  Being more powerful, eco-friendly, and more effective are just the physical properties of our products.

Our vision and the goal we are heading to are of the utmost importance – the most efficient racing platform on the planet from energy, ecology and business perspective. 


Blue Shock Race describes 4 bullet points:

One of the World’s fastest electric karts

World’s First National Electric Kart Championship

Orders from F1 pilots till World’s biggest shopping centres

Market size 4,2 Billion Euro and growing


Blue Shock Race is a company with a very young team who is entirely sure that electric transport is already the transport of today, and our team is seeking solutions based directly on this technology without any compromise. We do not make transitions from internal combustion engines to electric engines; we develop new solutions from zero so that they reach the maximum result.


Honoured with FIA president Jean Todt (2018)

Honoured with National Latvian President - Raimonds Vejonis (2017)

Tested by Carlos Sainz Karting (Spain, 2019)

Tested by Finnish Autosport Federation AKK and JJ Lehto - Former F1 pilot (Finland, 2019)

Export and Innovation Award 2015 - Quick swap battery technology

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