Kabuki Restaurant at megamall Atrium
100% Funded

Interest rate:17%
Period:18 months
Target: 120 000€
Opens: 2019/01/08
Expires: 2019/02/08
Type: Specialized
Location: Moscow, Russia
Investments: 251



Shopping centre Atrium (located in Moscow) awaits a wonderful change - restaurant Kabuki has decided to move to a much-better-located space for a restaurant in the same shopping centre. The chosen, better location in the Atrium shopping centre will be where the shopping centre’s food court is. Why? This location will ensure the much bigger flow of people choosing Kabuki restaurant as a place to enjoy their “food o’clock” time while being at Atrium shopping centre.
But that is not it!
It is a brand new year - a new design concept awaits for Kabuki restaurant! The restaurant wishes to modernize and renovate the visual aspects of the design. It is something truly brand new because that hasn’t been done since 2009.
Loan is going to be used to finish construction works and acquisition of necessary equipment for new Kabuki restaurant at Atrium shopping centre.


Max. target: EUR 120 000,00
Min. target: EUR 80 000,00
Loan term: 18 months
Interest rate: 17% per annum
Interest payments: paid monthly
Total Loan repayment schedule*:

Payment No. Interest rate payment (EUR) Repayment of loan (EUR)
1 1 704.00 0.00
2 1 704.00 0.00
3 1 704.00 0.00
4 1 704.00 0.00
5 1 704.00 0.00
6 1 704.00 5 000.00
7 1 633.00 5 000.00
8 1 562.00 5 000.00
9 1 491.00 5 000.00
10 1 420.00 5 000.00
11 1 349.00 5 000.00
12  1 278.00 5 000.00
13 1 207.00 5 000.00
14 1 136.00 5 000.00
15 1 065.00 5 000.00
16 994.00 5 000.00
17 923.00 5 000.00
18 852.00 60 000.00
 Total: 25 134.00 120 000.00

*-  after first 6 month borrower will begin repaying loan principal, 5'000 EUR each month.




Guarantee issued by the Borrower, as well as subordination of the loan granted by the existing shareholders/lenders to the Borrower, with an aim to facilitate that the Lenders are properly remunerated first
Collateral Agent: Crowdestor Security Agent OÜ

Kabuki is a net of fast-and-fine lounge cafes located in large shopping centres, specialising in casual pan-Asian cuisine.
The concept fits perfectly in a multicultural society, meeting the needs of different guests. We launched our first Kabuki in early 2009, by 2019 we hold a net of four restaurants (ATRIUM, MEGA Khimki, AFY MALL, METROPOLIS) with stable profit.
We know how to create an atmosphere - we will offer you romantic, filled with low light evenings, lively and filled full of rhythm in the air nights, cozy and warm winter afternoons and so much more. And, yes, if you wonder, we even are experts in throwing great parties.
Our interior is a pleasant visual experience where details matter.
You will be able to find a spot that speaks to your eyes the most - whether it will be you surrounded by plants and wooden textures or a cozy place where a bit softer and more silent mood exists.
We are sure that our restaurant will be able to fill-full your wishes for a place to spend some quality time at.

Group of restaurant business operator “A2 Group” with 20 years of expertise in the restaurant business and catering.
“A2 Group” owns and operates four of “Kabuki” brand restaurants in Moscow and “Aqua Luna”, The Catch restaurant in Riga. In April, the door is being opened by the new The Catch restaurant in Berlin.
Crowdestor has made a deal with “A2 Group” for a chance to finance another Kabuki restaurant in Moscow. This project will be available for investment at the beginning of February 2019.

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  • Kabuki
  • A2 Group
  • Existing Kabuki photos
  • New location photos


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