Chemical products wholesale (ZEP)
100% Financiado

Tasa de interés:25%
Período:16 meses
Este préstamo viene con una garantía de recompra Crowdestor.
Objetivo: 18 808€
Abre: 2020/06/17
Vence: 2020/07/01
Categoría: SME
Ubicación: Estonia
Inversoras/Inversores: 140


CROWDESTOR would like to announce a new and exciting project opportunity to our dear investors in a chemical product wholesale company.


Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan with a 25% annual interest rate with a monthly repayment of the principal amount and interest. The funding target is 18 808 EUR. 


The loan is secured with a personal guarantee from the company shareholder. 


This is the portfolio of already issued loans by Monify, which are ceded to CROWDESTOR SPV “CR-12”. 

These selected customers were scored by Monify, and since the loan disbursement had been paying in accordance with payment graphs. 

Legally, ceding means that from this deal, all claim rights will be transferred from Monify to CROWDESTOR SPV, and all interest and principal will be paid by the borrower to the CROWDESTOR SPV. 

Monify will use funding to settle its payments with creditors.


Minimum target: EUR 18 808,00 

Maximum target: EUR 18 808,00

Loan term: 16 months

Interest rate: 25 % per annum

Interest payments: paid monthly from the first month

Loan repayment: repaid monthly

Collateral: The loan is secured by a personal guarantee from the company shareholder


About the Borrower


Company Zep Eesti OU was established in 2004 and is operating in the field of wholesale chemical products. This Estonian company is providing sales of different chemical goods to its customers. The company’s annual profit is has been continually increasing year by year.


Name of the company

ZEP Eesti OU

Registration number


Registration date


Registration country


Legal address

Liivalaia tn 20a Tallinn Harjumaa 10134

Ain Poder

Board member

Ain Poder

Actual address

Liivalaia tn 20a Tallinn Harjumaa 10134


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