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Tasa de interés:12%
Período:6 meses
Este préstamo viene con una garantía de recompra Crowdestor.
Objetivo: 20 000€
Min. objetivo: 10 000€
Abre: 2020/02/26
Vence: 2020/03/06
Categoría: Specialized
Ubicación: Baltic States
Inversoras/Inversores: 172


Ready-to-use and operational business model kukuli garlic bread snacks at stadiums and festivals.

We successfully work in Latvia with the largest sports venues like Arena Rīga and Skonto stadium. With the Latvian football champion club - FC riga and a network of kool gas stations consisting of 11 spots throughout Latvia.

Required minimal investment amount of 10,000 euros for the development of the product supply chain to the regions with 12 % annual interest rate and a loan term of 6 months.


Minimum target: EUR 10 000
Maximum target: EUR 20 000
Loan term: 6 months
Interest rate: 12%
Interest payments: monthly
Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term
BuyBack fund: Yes
Collateral: Guarantee issued by the Borrower and shareholder.
Remember - interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!

About the product - snacks "Kukuli"

  • Garlic breadsticks, crunchy from the outside and soft inside
  • “Live” rye bread cut into identical slices deep fried and spiced with salt and fresh garlic
  • Retain health properties of rye bread rich in fiber and vitamins
  • They are useful and substantial alternative to chips, popcorn, and other snacks
  • With their rich taste, they are ideal for devotees of beer and for people that just want to have a bite

Why is it profitable with us

  • Cooking does not require special staff training
  • There is no need in special equipment
  • Working hours of the staff is reduced to a minimum
  • Minimum quantity of surpluses and wastes, close to zero
  • You can predict a number of portions based on the number of tickets sold for the event
  • Minor consumption of relevant ingredients (salt, garlic, and frying oil)
  • Convenient storing in a fridge or freezer
  • Long shelf life (5 days at room temperature; ~21 days in a fridge at +2/+7°C; up to 6 months in a freezer at from -7 to - 18°C)
  • No cost for cups (tare) for serving
    The amount of an average bill is to be increased








Our product undergoes a full cycle production.

We produce snacks of high quality rye bread in accordance with the European standards and observe traditions of the classic recipe

Our product has a European Quality Certificate


The adventage of our product

  • Fresh and high quality product Quality Certificate
  • Fast and convenient delivery
  • The product is cut into even slices There are no any wastes
  • The product is packed in boxes per 5 kg each
  • Convenient to store (in a fridge or freezer)
  • Without a fridge, it doesn’t become worse within the period up to 7 days
  • Easy-to-use and nice cups for customers




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