The complexity of business loans and the irregular cash flow are among the major challenges that any peer-to-business investor might face. While CROWDESTOR has always positioned itself as a high-risk, high-reward platform for business-savvy investors, we felt the need to introduce a simpler investment product that would offer higher liquidity and ease of use. 

Today, we are happy to announce CROWDESTOR FLEX - the best way to invest passively, save up for a specific goal, or earn while waiting for other investment opportunities. Allocate up to 2 000 EUR per month, earn 12% p.a. transferred to your account daily, and caкеsh out whenever you want! Your money won’t be locked, and there are no hidden fees*.

So, what exactly is CROWDESTOR FLEX? 

FLEX means flexible terms and liquidity. The CROWDESTOR FLEX name comes from the collective efforts of the investor community and the CROWDESTOR team.

CROWDESTOR FLEX offers a convenient GOALS feature to organize and track your investments. For example, you want to save up for a new car. Just set up a goal value, choose your monthly payment, and FLEX will calculate your return and how fast you will get there. Now you can relax and enjoy tracking your daily earnings in the investors’ dashboard. Plans changed? Adjust your monthly payment, and FLEX will recalculate your progress. Want to move faster? Reinvest the received interest. Have multiple projects in mind? Set up as many goals as you want.  

FLEX is excellent both for beginners and the veterans of investing. The beginners will appreciate the ease of use - there is no need to study markets, industries, and risks a specific business project might encounter. The veterans will be able to diversify the portfolio and make extra money while waiting for the next big investment opportunity on the platform. Both will benefit from predictable cash flow and quick and easy withdrawals

At its core, FLEX is a portfolio of carefully selected businesses with a good track record and a steady cash flow. Most of those businesses operate in well-established sectors like energy, forestry, manufacturing, municipal services, trading, and finances.  In order to keep a consistent cash flow, the businesses included in the FLEX portfolio will be required to pay interest 30 days upfront.

The portfolio is backed by a liquidity reserve of 10-20% of invested funds. If the liquidity reserve is depleted and the incoming funding is insufficient to cover the withdrawals for 30 days, FLEX borrowers will be requested to repay the loans upfront within the next 60 days.

We believe FLEX is the most straightforward way to invest on the CROWDESTOR platform. However, you might still want to clarify some details about FLEX. Do not worry. We got you covered. Contact us at, and the Investor Relations team will answer all your questions.   

*1 EUR commission is charged for every transaction to your CROWDESTOR Wallet.