5 Facts about the movie SURVIVE

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Meet the Survive movie, the collaboration between Hollywood and Latvia. Survive movie is an edited version of the longer series Survive with Sophie Turner  (Game of Thrones, X-Men) as a leading actress and  Corey Hawkins (BalcKkKlansman, The Walking Dead).  The re-editing of the series will create a feature film that will hold the audience's breath throughout the runtime.

Below are the interesting facts and trivia about the movie that might soon end up on one of the biggest streaming companies' video libraries.

5 Facts

1) Aiming Big

The original series has streamed on Quibi, the new streaming platform dedicated to mobile devices. In the future, producers aim to reach international viewers by signing an agreement with one of the large video streaming companies Paramount, HBO Max, Sony, WB, Amazon, Netflix, E1, Lionsgate, Poly, Universal/Peacock, and Disney.

2) Hollywood and Riga

How are these two cities so far apart geographically and in terms of influence in the movie industry appear to be together in this project? The collaboration is based on the Joint Venture "EMH Globale," founded by the Hollywood movie production company "EMH Consulting Films" and Latvia-based Forma Pro Films, a leading Baltic Region movie production company. The COVID-19 has hit the U.S. harder than other countries, which has "paralyzed" Hollywood and the shooting of movies for obvious reasons.

Until recent time Latvia was one of the least affected countries by the pandemic. So, the solution-seeking Hollywood producers and directors saw this land across the Atlantic and the most eastern part of Europe as a great shooting location.

3) Local Expertise

Forma Pro Films is the Riga-based movie production company with an impressive track record- from working on the WarHunt movie starring Mickey Rourke to Russian blockbusters and TV Series. Forma Pro Films have taken advantage of the relatively relaxed lockdown rules in Latvia. They have attracted world-known heavyweights from the Hollywood movie business. The professional approach to organizing the filming process, technology, and excellent track record has gained EMH Consulting Films as a joint venture partner.

4) Hollywood Roots

The EMH Consulting Films, another production company behind Survive, was founded by two Hollywood veterans Cary Granat and Ed Jones. The track record of both is impressive and includes some of the world's most successful movies.

Cary Granat

The co-founder and CEO, Cary Granat, has previously founded Walden Media and held the COO position at Miramax Films' Dimension Division.

While at Walden Media, Granat secured the rights to C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series and oversaw production on the successful first film of the franchise. Granat's other films include Scream, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Scary Movie, Amazing Grace, and Spy Kids.

Ed Jones

The President and a co-founder Ed Jones is an Academy Award-winning industry leader and pioneer in digital media, specializing in 2D and 3D visual effects and animation

Ed Jones worked on over 90 films, including blockbusters Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Ghostbusters I &II, Ghost, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and the Indiana Jones trilogy.

Jones has received the industry's highest accolades, including an Academy Award® as Executive Producer on Happy Feet, an Academy Award® and BAFTA awards for Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and The Witches of Eastwick.

5) Intriguing Plot

The leading actress Sophie Turner has found the plot and the Survive series's format very appealing, so she decided to take the role after taking part in one of the most popular TV-series of all time, Game of Thrones.

The plot is playing around with an idea of how humans fight for survival when put in danger, even though they didn't value life before. The main character Jane (Sophie Turner) is a clinically depressed woman who wishes to take her own life. However, the plane crash is turning everything around. Now she is not only willing to live but is fighting desperately to survive. The captivating storyline, fantastic acting of the actors make the series a must-watch.

Pandemics have changed the way we live or do things. Some successful businesses adapted and going to reap the rewards. The lockdowns have caused the majority of movie production and film shooting to stop. In the meantime, people worldwide consume so much content that soon it might become scarce. So not miss the opportunity to invest (here)  in the movie that might be bought by major video streamers!