Refer-a-Friend Month in 5 FAQ

Dear investors,

We are inviting you to take your friends on the financial journey with you. Starting 21st of January 2021 until the 20th of February 2021, CROWDESTOR increases the referral commission for all investors. Below are the five questions about the referral program promo month. Do not miss this opportunity to invite friends who want to invest in businesses and earn extra passive income.

1. What is the new commission structure?

The existing investor will get a 1.5% commission from all investments made by the referred friend until the 20th of February 2021. After this date, the commission will go back to 1% for the next 60 days. The referred friend will get the 1% cashback on all investments made during the first 90 days after registering on the CROWDESTOR platform.

2. What is the standard referral program commission?

The usual CROWDESTOR Refer-a-Friend program terms are also competitive. Every investor who invites a friend gets 1% referral income from all investments made by the referred friend 90 days after registration. The invited friend also gets a 1% bonus throughout the 90 days after registering on the platform.

3. When is the referral income paid?

The “referral bonus” appears in the investors’ account during the week. The investment by a referred friend was made for both you and your friend.

4. How do I invite friends?

Inviting friends is easy- you have to share your unique link with friends or family via social networks, blog, email, messengers, or email. Don’t forget to tell your friends why you invite them to join CROWDESTOR. Your personal invitation link can be found in the “referrals” section of your profile after you log in. You can also view statistics in this section, such as how many bonuses you have earned and how many friends registered using your link.

5. Is there a limit on how many friends I invite?

No, there is no limit, you can invite as many friends or family members as you want. You can also spread the word about CROWDESTOR via social networks or blog and earn referral income from your readers.

We hope you and your friends will benefit from the promotional referral program month and will motivate building a diversified investment portfolio. January is a perfect month to start a financial journey, so share the existing news with your friends.