New Tax Report!

Dear Investors,

We have received multiple queries from our clients to improve our Tax Report. Our investors’ feedback is extremely important to us. We are trying to improve our user experience to become the most user friendly and transparent platform.

Please welcome the redesigned Tax Report. The next step in the development stages of the Tax Report will be adding the option to choose the preferred period.

The Tax Report can be found in the “Profile” section after you log in to your investor cabinet. Please familiarize yourself with the report to get an overview of 2020.

Overview of the Sections

Investments: This is the outstanding investment principle on a certain date.

Available funds: funds that are available for investing.

Deposits to the investor account: deposits made by the investor to the account.

Withdrawals from the investor account: money withdrawn from the investor’s account.

Interest received: interest received from all investments on the primary and secondary markets for the specified period of time.

Capital gain (received): applies to the secondary market transactions. For example, if the price of the deal was Eur100 and the outstanding principal is Eur120, then the capital gain, in this case, is Eur20. This section shows the gain already received.

Capital gain (unreceived): the same statistic as above, but not added to the investor’s account yet, when the gain is still in the future, however, the transaction has occurred this year. For example, you have invested Eur100 on the secondary market with outstanding principal Eur130 in 2020. In 2020 you have received Eur110, then your Capital Gain (received) is Eur10, and the Capital Gain (unreceived) is Eur20.

Capital loss: Part of the principal that is not recovered after the debt collection procedure is completed and the litigation process is over.

Profit from trading: this variable is a cumulative profit calculated for transactions bought on the primary or secondary market and then sold on the secondary market for a higher price. The cumulative price difference will be recorded here.

Loss from trading: The same variable, however, if the price difference is negative (when the investor bought the deal on the primary or secondary market for a higher price then sold it after). The cumulative loss will be recorded here.

Bonus/cashback: This summarizes all special payments (project-specific), cashback, and referral income.

Net income: the balance of all income and losses made on the CROWDESTOR platform in a given period.


Please note, we are not tax advisers, this Tax Report is prepared for informational purposes only. Please study the tax laws applicable to your country.

We hope this Tax Report will give you the transparency of your income and historical actions.

Order in your finances leads to order in life,

Have a Happy New Year!