Government medical supply contract - Final round

Bedarf:2 206.01€
Zeitraum:1 Monate
Ziel: 600 000€
Mindest. Ziel: 200 000€
Öffnet: 2020/09/15
Läuft ab: 2020/09/30
Art: Business
Lage: Germany
Investoren: 1378


CROWDESTOR would like to announce a new investment opportunity for our investors in DiaFlux GmbH, which participated and won in urgent Romanian government procurement of medical equipment - ventilators - for the development of a European reserve of medical countermeasures, intensive care equipment, and personal protective equipment.

This is the final round of fundraising in the context of the Romanian government procurement of medical equipment, which sums up to EUR 1 600 000 of the total funds raised by the borrower, as planned initially.


The current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a secured loan to DiaFlux GmbH which is carrying out government tender for the supply of medical ICU ventilators to the National Office for Centralized Procurement in Romania. The purchase of 270 pieces of ICU ventilators is made with the help of Grant Agreement with the European Commission on the establishment of the rescEU reserve of medical countermeasures for the COVID-19 epidemic. Diaflux GmbH was awarded the contract in tender number 2020/S 127-310198, "rescEU stockpiling of medical countermeasures and/or personal protective equipment, aimed at combating serious cross-border threats to health due to the novel COVID-19 outbreak” as can be seen in publicly available contract award notice:

The full value of the contract is EUR 5 799 465, and the borrower is looking to raise a maximum of EUR 1 500 000 to purchase and deliver the ventilators in weekly batches to the end-user.

CROWDESTOR investors are offered to make a loan with a 36% annual interest rate. The target to be raised for the final fundraising phase is EUR 600 000. The loan term is 1 months.  


Funding target: EUR 600 000,00 

Minimum target: EUR 200 000,00

Loan term: 1 months

Interest rate: 36 % per annum

Interest payments: paid at the end of the loan term

Loan repayment: repaid at the end of the loan term

Collateral: Personal guarantee from the company shareholder



The borrower has been awarded by the Romanian government to supply 270 ventilators.

By now, DiaFlux GmbH has delivered and has been already paid by the Romanian government for the first batch, namely 48 ventilators and 48 compressors. Please see below the receipt of goods signed by the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and bank account statements signed by the recipient bank’s representative.

The money received for the first batch was used to pay for the next 60 sets of ventilators and to send them out to the Romanian government.

The funding of EUR 600 000 to be raised in this round will allow the borrower to pay for and send out the 3rd batch of 48 ventilators to the Romanian government, without having to wait for the receipt of money for the 60 pcs already shipped. After both 48 ventilators and 60 sets are delivered and paid for, it opens enough cash flow to pay for and deliver the outstanding 114 ventilators.

Money received from the Romanian government for the last batch will be used to cover all the outstanding obligations of the borrower.



DiaFlux GmbH is an innovative company located in the heart of Europe, the pharmaceutical metropolis of Leverkusen, ideally located between the exhibition cities Düsseldorf and Cologne.

DiaFlux GmbH is a supplier of very high quality medical and dialysis products, the related equipment, and service. The success is based on over thirty years of experience of the manufacturer, both in the development and production of hemodialysis devices, as well as in the installation and maintenance of dialysis centers and other medical equipment. International activities and references in 48 countries on 4 continents and the steady expansion prove trustworthy and successful cooperation.

DiaFlux GmbH collaboration with strong visionary partners and friends is a great success, which gives DiaFlux a tremendous incentive for visible success. We always have the right mix of innovative products, technical expertise, and individualized services, combined with the highest flexibility and optimal service, to ensure that our customers benefit from significant improvements in the value chain. We would like to thank you for the trust that has been placed in us, so we are very pleased to be able to contribute to the progress in medical care.



Currently, all countries face medical equipment shortages, including personal protective equipment, respirators, and masks.

With severe shortness of breath, a trademark of the COVID-19 virus, the pandemic has raised the need for medical ventilators, resulting in a fresh impetus for defense, technology, and automotive companies across the globe to research and manufacture such devices. US President Donald Trump even used the US’s Defense Production Act to push General Motors for producing mechanical ventilators. In Turkey, three companies - unmanned aerial vehicle producer Baykar, defense giant Aselsan and major appliances firm Arcelik - decided to support a technology enterprise BIOSYS' mechanical ventilator, named Biyovent for mass production. Biyovent was developed after a five-year research and development process in 2012-2017 and the company produces and sells 32 devices.



"Being aware of the fact that benefiting from health services is the most basic social and human right; BIOSYS was lucky enough to find a solution between the increasing demand in the health sector for the last ten years with our groundbreaking products. In 2012, we set out and started our journey with competent and dynamic engineers who have a long R&D experience and doctors who are experts in their field in order to provide this basic human right to every breathing person."

Currently, Biyovent has been delivered to the governments of Brazil, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and the USA.

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